Orland Unified School District

Individualized Programs for
Elementary, Middle & High School Students
Joy Padden, Administrative Designee
(530) 865-1245 Ext. 6310
250 Roosevelt Ave, Orland CA 95963    
OUSD provides an Independent Study program for students who need a more flexible learning environment than either our comprehensive or alternative schools can provide. One full-time and one part-time teacher provides our standards-based curriculum to students K-12, using a standards based online instructional program.

Students meet with their teacher a minimum of once per week or every two weeks, depending upon the grade level. Each student receives an individual learning plan. A parent, guardian or other adult must agree to supervise the student's learning time. When appropriate, a student may attend one or more classes and/or participate in extra-curricular activities on the main campus. Special education services are coordinated by the District Special Education Coordinator; the teachers are trained to provide services to English Learners.