Orland Unified School District

There is a variety of programs available through Orland Unified School District to meet the needs of Special Education students.
Designated Instruction and Service

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Such instruction and services will be provided by the regular class teacher, the special education teacher or specialists competent to provide such instruction and services. If not, the appropriately credentialed Designated Instruction and Service (DIS) specialist will provide such instruction and service. Some examples are: A-PE and S/L services. If your child needs a specialized service, which relates to his/her educational progress, it may be provided by the local school, County Office of Education or an outside agency.
Specialized Academic Instruction

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Specialized academic instructional services are provided to students in order to implement their Individualized Education Plans (IEP). Each school site in the Orland Unified School District provides special education services designed to facilitate the acquisition of state standard skills in the least restrictive setting. Teachers with the appropriate training and credentials provide direct instruction to special education students and assist parents and regular staff members with assessment, curriculum and classroom management. Special education staff also monitor pupil services in regular school programs. Students with more intensive needs receive additional time in a special education setting or additional services in general education settings.

Mild/Moderate services are designed to meet the needs of students who require direct special education services from special education teachers, and/or accommodations in a general education setting. Students in the mild/moderate program typically participate in general education settings for much of their school day.

Moderate/Severe services are provided for students who require direct instruction from a special education teacher for most of the school day.

Severe Services are for those students who usually require special education services for the entire school day.    

State Special Schools

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The state provides residential schools and assessment for handicapped pupils as appropriate.
Non-Public, Non-Sectarian Schools and Services

Non-Public, Non-Sectarian Schools and Services iconNon-Public, Non-Sectarian Schools and Servicestitle

All appropriate public school programs in the SELPA or nearby SELPAs shall be explored prior to considering the non-public school program alternatives.