Orland Unified School District

APE Adapted Physical Education NPS Non-Public School
CAC Community Advisory Committee OI Orthopedically Impaired
CCS California Children s Services OHI Other Health Impaired
CH Communicatively Handicapped OT Occupational Therapy
DIS Designated Instruction and Service PL 94-142 Public Law 94-142
ED Emotionally Disturbed RSP Resource Specialist Program
EL English Learners SDC Special Day Class
HH Hard of Hearing SELPA Special Education Local Plan Area
IEP Individualized Education Program SH Severely Handicapped
IWEN Individual With Exceptional Needs SI Speech Impaired
LD Learning Disability S/L Speech and Language
LEA Local Education Agency SLD Specific Learning Disability
LEP Limited English Proficiency SST Student Study Team (Also known as Child Study Team)
NEP Non-English Proficient VI Visually Impaired (Blind and partially sighted)