Orland Unified School District

What is GATE?

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What is GATE?

Students who are identified as “Gifted and Talented” are those who score in the top 3% on tests of intelligence.  In California, school districts determine their own eligibility standards for GATE programs.  OUSD uses information from parents and teachers, state achievement test results, in addition to results from intelligence tests, to determine if a student meets criteria for GATE programs.
OUSD supports a cluster and pull-out program for grades 3-5.

At Fairview, students are clustered in groups of 3-4 in self-contained classrooms. Students meet as a GATE class once per week.

At CK Price, GATE students are assigned to the Honors Language Arts class.

Off-campus enrichment activities are provided for GATE students at both Fairview and CK Price.

High school students have numerous options, including Advanced Placement, Butte College Connection and CSU, Chico College Connection. Students with "talents" in the arts or leadership enroll in classes related to their strengths.

GATE classes seek to enrich and extend the education of students identified as "gifted" in a variety of ways, including adjusting the pace and depth of instruction, additional thematic investigations, and courses in areas of particular interest.