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Top of PageCompetitive Salaries
The District has maintained competitive salaries as a top priority and provides a quality salary schedule and benefit package to attract outstanding employees.

Administrative Salary Schedule

Certificated Salary Schedule

Chief Business Official

Classified Salary Schedule

Confidential Salary Schedule

Classified Management Salary Schedule

Certificated Substitute Daily Rates

Extra Duty Stipend Schedule

Top of PagePayday
Certificated and classified employees: the last working day of the month.
Substitutes: the 10th of the month.
Top of PageInsurance Services
InterWest Insurance Services. Inc.:

For any questions regarding claims for your health, dental, or vision plans please contact:


             Paula Anderson                    

                Account Manager 

                (530) 897-3149 Office

                (800) 873-3725 Toll Free

                (530) 891-7749 Fax


            Rose Krepelka, RHU, REBC

                Vice President 

                (530) 897-3150 Office

                (800) 873-3725 Toll Free

                (530) 891-7750 Fax

Top of PageMedical
Health Comp Administrators
Group No.: E70
Claims Address: P.O. Box 60007, Los Angeles, CA 90060-0007
Customer Service: (800) 442-7247
IPS Rx Mail Order: (800) 233-3872
Fax: (949) 863-9028
Web Page: www.healthcomp.com
IPS Web Page: www.ipsrx.com
Top of PageDental
Assurant Dental Network
Group No.: K1900984
Claims Address: P.O. Box 2940, Clinton, IA 52733-2940
Customer Service: 1-800-442-7742  (Districts Party extension 12507)
Fax: 563-242-0184  E-Payor ID 70408
Web Page: www.assurantemployeebenefits.com

For a provider listing click here.

For a Benefits Overview click here.
Top of PageVision
Medical Eye Services (MES)
Group No.: 021444
Claims Address: P.O. Box 25209, Santa Ana, CA 92799
Customer Service: (800) 877-6372
Fax: (888) 335-8227
Web Page: www.medicaleyeservices.com
Top of PageLife Insurance
Assurant Employee Benefits
Group No.: 4051154
Claims Address: 2323 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64108
Customer Service: (800) 442-7742
Web Page: www.asssurant.com
Top of PageCafeteria Plan
Pacific Benefit Consultants
Customer Service: (916) 363-2101
Web Page: www.pacificbenefits.com
Top of PageRetirement
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