Orland Unified School District

Old District Office

Location:         1320 Sixth Street


Due to a plague of mold and other chemicals throughout the building which were causing employees to have major health problems, the district office was forced to move to a temporary office until a permanent solution could be found.  Several attempts were made to correct the buildings problems but due to the severity and cost it was determined the building should be abandoned.  The old building is in litigation at this time.


To correct this building, the district would have to spend a lot of money approx.:

            Asbestos Abatement               $   40,000

            City water/sewer hookup        $   68,000

            Demo of Building                   $  150,000

            Reconstruction of building     $  790,000


            Estimated total cost                $1,048,000



New District Office

Location:         903 South Street


Currently leasing to purchase              $3,200.00 per month

                                                            $   500.00 towards purchase


Purchase price             $520,000.


We are waiting to receive approved State Construction funds in the amount of $1,300,000. for reimbursement of the Mill Street School Multi-use/Cafeteria facility. When we receive these funds the Measure K fund will be reimbursed.  We are looking at purchasing this building using our building funds.


The old Special Programs building is now housing all district records.  Student records which we are required by law to keep, Special Education records, Payroll/Employees records, accounting records, school site records, attendance records, facilities records and other storage.  All records are now in a clean, dry, safe environment.                                                 

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